How The Season Change Affects Your Skin And Mood

Fall is my favorite season, but sometimes it comes with some not so lovely changes to our skin and our mood. The shorter days and cooler air encourage us to spend more time indoors and catch up on some much needed self-care. I encourage us all to embrace this time to improve the love we have for ourselves and our families by establishing and maintaining a self-care routine, as well as indulging in some new reading activities that will uplift our spirits and moods. 

Our skin for starters, becomes more dry than it was during the summer months. This is due to the decrease of moisture in the air. Our skin's naturally produce less oil during this season, encouraging us all to increase our use of topical Oil Moisturizers to supplement the loss and keep our skin's moisture barrier intact. Without the additional oil we can experience extreme dry skin which will lead to irritation, breakouts and even cracking skin in the most extreme cases. Year round, but especially during the fall/winter seasons it is imperative to incorporate a natural oil to your skincare routine. Our Renewing Oil is the perfect choice as it is 100% organic, effective for all skin types and safe for full family use. During these seasons our body care should also upgrade from a simple water based lotion to a rich, oil-based moisturizer. Our Moisturizing Melt is the best choice for body care during these cooler months, and is safe for use for the whole family. 

Fall is beautiful and it absolutely my favorite season, but the cooler weather and the shorter days can sometimes cause seasonal depression. Most of us are spending more time indoors during this time, and need something to keep our minds growing instead of idle. A helpful tool during these times of isolation and staying home is my favorite inspirational workbook, Present The Workbook. It can be found online and on instagram @presenttheworkbook. It is year long workbook comprised of inspiration, exercises, affirmations, lists and activities to help you achieve your best life. I strongly suggest ordering yours to develop yourself this season.

To uplift your spirits with the word of God and more motivation, I strongly suggest shopping with Soul Writing for your inspirational and spiritual books. They can be purchased online at or through instagram @soulwriting19. You can also subscribe to a weekly motivational text from Soul Writing's author AuJahnae, by texting 985-202-5706 with the words New Member. 

Happy Holidays! Stay uplifted, focused, blessed and MOISTURIZED this season. Remember to shop while our seasonal sale is going on and combat the dry winter air before it even arrives. Love you all 


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