Why Love In Lavender?


it's been so long. excuse my absence, I haven't mastered "faking it". When I don't feel my best I retract, but the beautiful news is I always come out better than I was before. The even more beautiful news is, this time I rose with a clear mind. this time I rose prepared. thank you for giving me the time that I needed and all is well! <3 Sonali is not going away, just getting better and better.

that leads me to the title- Why Love In Lavender? I've been experimenting with scents for a while. I've tried tones of Jasmine, everything citrus, Rose, a unique scent from one of my sources called "Butterfly Rose", even more masculine scents. They smelled nice, and everyone enjoyed them, but none of the scents sparked a story in me. If you haven't yet noticed, I love to tell stories. Over the summer one of my sources scent me a sample of Bulgarian Lavender. I sniffed it when it first arrived and it immediately scent me back to last summer, 2020, when I moved to Texas. 

different emotions arose in me because that was such an exciting time for me but also such a confusing and painful time I was experiencing many new things but also losing so many parts of myself and the only thing that carried me thru was showering myself in the patient love of God. that's when Love in Lavender was born. The scent of Lavender reminds me of how important it is to be calm and patient in love, especially with ourselves. Each time I massage my body with Love in Lavender I am covering myself with that love.

Lavender has been proven to alleviate cold & flu symptoms, depression, insomnia, headaches, stress and hypertension. Outside of Love in Lavender the product, Lavender flowers and essential oil have medicinal and magical powers that we can all benefit from 


much love <3 we'll talk soon! 


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