All About Sonali!

Sonali Skin LLC is owned by college graduate, licensed esthetician and mother Casey Richardson B.S., L.E. It was created to provide spa quality, all natural skin and body care at affordable prices. Sonali Skin's motto is "For mothers, by mothers" emphasizing our use of ONLY mother nature's medicines and the safety of our products. As a licensed esthetician with a focus in Holistic Health, it was always my plan to expand and create my own natural skin and body care line. In the midst of my studies and prayers Sonali Skin LLC was born. The name Sonali, meaning beautiful color or golden in Sanskrit, is the perfect adjective to describe the presence of your skin after applying our moisturizer. I want to personally thank each one of my supporters and make a promise to always stay educated and update our products accordingly. We aim to provide the safest and most effective skin care that Mother Nature can provide.