Book Sonali Skin

Skin care services will be offered in Houston, TX starting August 4th. To book, please leave your name, contact information (EMAIL & PHONE) and skin conditions/concerns. You will be contacted to schedule a virtual consultation. Consultations are $25 and non-refundable. Your consultation fee goes toward your final balance. 

Our esthetician is a dual state licensed holistic esthetician specializing in dry and sensitive skin types. We use all natural products during our facials. With an holistic approach, we offer more than just facials. Our clients leave feeling refreshed and educated, with a list of lifestyle and diet changes that will improve their skin. The main goals of our skin care services are to refresh, hydrate, decongest, soothe and relax the skin. Clients are also given an at home kit to maintain their skin up until their next appointment. 

IMPORTANT: we only service women. we do not specialize in acne of any type and are currently not servicing clients with active acne. our services are tailored to those with dry & sensitive skin. 


Exact pricing will be discussed during your virtual consultation.

Rates start at $125. 60 minutes is $125, 90 minutes is $150. 

ALL services include: 

  • professional skin analysis
  • full customized facial
  • 2 massages (face and neck/ shoulder)
  • foot masks during facial
  • aromatherapy 
  • printed skincare routine / lifestyle and diet suggestions
  • home-care kit 

We are so ready to service our Sonali Mamis in Houston, TX. We look forward to hearing from you!